What have Republicans done?

Dear Editor, It's confusing today to understand all we read or hear in the news. However, it's important when voting, to look for decency and honesty in those who represent us. In recent years, Republicans have done nothing to help ordinary people. Their tax cuts have mainly benefited multi-millionaires and …

Immigration has slowed

Dear Editor, In regard to the recent letter complaining about the so called illegal immigration crisis, I'd like to point out that immigration has actually slowed in recent years. The undocumented population peaked over fifteen years ago in 2007.

Wind Energy projects and Town of Mineral Point

Dear Editor, Last week many Town of Mineral Point residents received information from The Long View Alliance WI in the mail regarding wind turbine projects and health and safety wind licensing ordinances. I urge these residents to consider all the information presented on the health and safety ordinance and respond …

Gaza, a graveyard for children

Dear Editor, “Any war is ultimately a war on children!” These are the words of UNICEF Executive Director, Catherine Russell. The tragedy of this statement is obvious in the reports coming from Gaza, where children are being subjected to unimaginable suffering.

What kind of America do you want?

Dear Editor, Did you know that the US has had the strongest post-pandemic economic growth of all Group of 7 nations? The G7, as it is known, is a group of democratic countries with the world’s largest advanced economies. I am writing this letter because I received response from Rep. …

In good conscience.

Dear Editor, I cannot believe that a landlord would place their renters in the impossible situation of being totally snowbound the week of January 7.

Was Senator Marklein really powerless in UW-Richland decision?

Dear Editor, Ken Stark’s political cartoon published a few weeks ago actually had a response from Sen. Marklein. In it, Marklein again pats himself on the back for all he did for the UW system…and for all he did for UW-Richland.

WIAA competi­tive balance plan off balance

Dear Editor: The WIAA is in the process of implementing a new competitive balance plan that would force successful teams to move up a division if they win too much or make too many state appearances. We would like to assume that this started because their intentions were good, and …

Wind turbines - we should be concerned with size

Dear Editor, Over the past few years, there have been several new energy development projects coming to our area. We have thousands of acres of solar and lately it’s been wind turbine companies. How much research has been done with these new larger turbines?

What is dustbin?

Dear Editor, Easy Cleaning: No need to ever lift when cleaning. Just pull out the front crumb tray and tip it into the dustbin.

Harvesting the Wind

Dear Editor, “Harvesting the wind is a breeze,” says Pattern, the developer of the Uplands Wind industrial wind turbine (IWT) project in Lafayette, Grant, and Iowa counties, in a full-page, full-color mailer that it recently sent out in a desperate attempt to try to reverse the anti-IWT movement that is …

Is this the beauty that we want?

Dear Editor, As we enter a new year, we can reflect on the past and plan for the future. Looking back, we can take note of the private development companies that are gaining a foothold in our area.

Worth your Vote?

Dear Editor, Donald Trump quotes dictators he admires: Russia’s Putin, Turkey’s Erdogan, and Hungary’s Orban —all dictators of ill repute. He says he “will be a dictator just for one day”, but which of these favorites of his have remained in power just for one term? Which of these countries …

History repeats itself

Dear Editor, Approximately 2423 years ago Hamen, a Persian leader, set over all the princes of Persia and Mectia persuaded King Ahasuerus to set forth a decree to destroy all the Jews.

Line 5 Essential to All of Wisconsin

Dear Editor, We started Allegiant Oil because we wanted to provide families, farms, and businesses the products, prices, and services they deserve. Nearly 17 years later, our family-run, small business now operates out of seven locations and we are proud to meet the energy needs of thousands of customers in …