If it’s not broke, don’t fix it

Dear Editor, With the upcoming City of Dodgeville Mayoral Election approaching, I felt compelled to write a letter in support of the incumbent Mayor, Todd Novak.

Mike Olson is my choice

Dear Editor, Dodgeville voters have a choice in the April 2 Mayor election. Mike Olson may be new to the local political field but he has long roots in the community and served admirably as a county board supervisor here in Portage County.

Vote No on Constitutional Amendments

Dear Editor, I’m voting no on both election-related constitutional amendment questions on April 2, and I urge other to do the same. No matter our race, background or zip code,

Be careful at YZ/18/151

Dear Editor, I wasn’t sure if I’d be alive to write this. Earlier this week, I was driving on 18/151 (from Mt. Horeb) and turned into the de-escalating lane coming up on the YZ turnoff.

Bruce Paull, A True Public Servant: Vote for him on April 2

Dear Editor, While many politicians claim to be "public servants," few actually live up to that ideal as successfully as Bruce Paull who is running for Iowa County Board Supervisor in District 7.

Response to Marcella Danti's "Non-Partisanship is no more" article

Dear Editor, Marcella Danti lamented in her article last week that after last year's State Supreme Court election (won overwhelmingly by the candidate Danti opposed) our state no longer has a non-partisan judiciary.

A response to past Editorial

Dear Kenyon Bennett, Please allow me to share a differing viewpoint from your opinion column Feb. 22. I have worked for +20 years as a teacher and over a decade as a medical interpreter.

My brother Ronnie

Dear Editor, 50 years ago on February 24, 1974 my brother Ron died from a drug overdose. There is has been plenty of news about the dangers of drugs that lead to overdoses and death.

Cultivated meat?

Dear Editor, Cultivated meat has faced some opposition recently. For those who don't know, cultivated meat is grown from animal cells, without slaughter. Strangely, opponents have argued both the new protein isn't technologically feasible and it should be banned. You would think, if these folks truly believed the former, the …

Barry Hottmann, ready to serve Dodgeville as its mayor

Dear Editor, Barry Hottmann arrived in Dodgeville in 1977 at age six with his mom and dad and two brothers. He has been a loyal Dodgeville person ever since except for a few years in Eau Claire as a student and employee.

I’m new and voting for Hottmann

Dear Editor, I'll start off with transparency: I'm new here. Years after falling in love with Dodgeville, I made it my home just 11 months ago. As a young(ish) adult without family or friends in the area, I was a little nervous. Would I be lonely? Would I be bored?

New Maps

Dear Editor, Thank you to Representative Novak and Senator Marklein for voting for Governor Ever’s redistricting maps for our State Assembly and State Senate.

Yes, Mineral Point township it’s a sad day!

Dear Editor, It’s a sad day when we have over 200 constituents sign a petition asking our Mineral Point town board to consider a health and safety wind licensing ordinance and the board refuses to put it on the agenda for discussion.

School District State Fundingv

Dear Editor, In looking at past Dodgeville Chronicles, I came upon your (Pat Reilly) Opinion statement in the February 1, 2024 Chronicle that dealt with the need for the state legislature to help school districts with their state funding issues.

Trump and Putin

Dear Editor, When Trump appears before his fans and calls military personnel and veterans “losers”, while his hands play an invisible squeeze box, or he puts on his “little boy” face, tilting his head, getting sympathy from the crowd, reasonable people are disgusted.