Appreciation for Passage of Senate Bill 332 and Assembly 304

Dear Editor, I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly for their instrumental role in passing Senate Bill 332 and Assembly 304, crucial legislative measures that have positively impacted the alcohol statutes in our state. As the General Manager of the Potosi Brewing Company, …

Stolen packages

Dear Editor, Before Covid, I was mainly a “brick and mortar” shopper. But since then, more shopping is done online. We see on the news that thefts are being committed: in-store (smash and grab it’s being called), directly from the delivery truck (on the news last night), and from wherever …

Just a simploy thought

Dear Editor, There seems to be little information about the future of the army reserve center. As a newcomer to Dodgeville, it came to me the concept for a Conference Center.

Nopartisan redistricting

Dear Editor, Gerrymandering is terribly destructive to our form of government, whether you call it a Democracy or a Republic. 57 Wisconsin counties have passed either a resolution, a referendum, or both, to adopt nonpartisan redistricting. Wisconsin now has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to adopt a nonpartisan plan, given the uncertainty …

21.5 total years of service pushed out the door

Dear Editor, At the Nov. 7th Arena Village Board meeting Sargent Wyatt Miller and DNR Warden Ben Gruber received thanks for saving the life of a young woman through CPR. The CPR was performed while waiting for the Mazomanie ambulance.

Hamas-Israel war

Dear Editor, I'm saddened by any innocent Palestinian or Israeli being killed, especially a child. Who is to blame for these deaths? How does the bloodshed end?

Shopping “woes”

Dear Editor, It seems like I have a million things to do today but just had to write about 2 shopping “woes” recently encountered.

Volunteers are amazing

Dear Editor, November arrives with a special reminder of the amazing people who volunteer at Agrace. During National Hospice & Palliative Care Month, we celebrate these incredible individuals who give their time and energy to help those facing life-limiting illness

Chickens of Hate

Dear Editor, Monday night I attended Jewish political commentator Ben Shapiro's full capacity talk on UW-Madison campus. Security was tight with metal detectors and many security people.

Further thoughts on the Middle East conflict

Dear Editor, I would like to add to James Novak's recent letter concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He makes some good points regarding the parallels to the current U.S. political environment that cannot be ignored. I offer these comments as a heritage

Tell legislators how you feel

Dear Editor, I attended the recent town hall meeting in Spring Green where Lawyer Mike Van Sicklen spoke and answered questions about the attempt to impeach Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Protasiewicz and the new voting maps proposal.

Industrial Wind Turbines: Information versus Misinformation

Dear Editor, The Platteville Journal (PJ) had one article on industrial wind turbines (IWT) in the October 18, 2023, issue and two IWT articles in the October 25, 2023, issue. It is important that this topic is getting more coverage because wind turbines will affect all residents in southwest Wisconsin …

Fair Maps are needed to truly represent the voters

Dear Editor, Representative Tranel and Senator Marklein currently claim to support Fair Maps. However, despite their statements, neither of them ever pushed to advance such legislation before. It has languished in committees, including at least one on which Tranel serves, for almost 10 years.

Concerned about DHS football players getting hurt

Dear Editor, My classmate, Joe Miess (DHS class of 1956) gives me the weekly Chronicle as a gift. What a great gift!! I look forward to reading each week’s edition.

Reading is important

On a gloomy, rainy (a good thing) Friday, I got motivated to go through accumulated paperwork.