Our farmers and land are a precious commodity

The farmer is a sacred calling because he is a collaborator with God in the work of His creation. In partnership with God he becomes to men a provider of the food, fiber, and shelter they need.

And The Children Shall Lead

In a Star Trek Original Series episode of the same name, children are seduced and brainwashed by a malevolent spirit, Gorgan, to achieve his evil aim. He gets his power from their faith in him. He gets them to use his power of fear against their parents into killing themselves.

Industrialization Is Destroying Southwest Wisconsin 7/30/2023

Dear Editor, The answer to why population growth is flat or negative in Grant and Lafayette counties (“Rural Counties Growing but not Grant and Lafayette” by Joe Hart, Platteville Journal, July 26 2023) can be observed by looking to the south and west from Montfort, Wisconsin

Say No to Protasiewicz Impeachment

Dear Editor, The Republican dominated Wisconsin Assembly is threatening to impeach duly elected Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz before she has heard a single case, unless the Justice agrees to recuse herself from any cases dealing with gerrymandered maps

Lots to do in the fall here

Dear Editor, I’m not too happy about being bombarded so very early (in emails, store displays, etc.) with Halloween. But I would welcome a conversation about “What to do in the fall in Wisconsin?”

Critical Thinking on Ukraine

Dear Editor, I get info from many sources and fact check. I used to enjoy Tucker Carlson and I'm still a lukewarm fan because he opines on interesting topics. I questioned his journalism on some things before but he lost me on his Ukraine coverage.

We have a conundrum!

We have a conundrum! In July, approximately 100 citizens from the Town of Mineral Point attended the monthly town meeting. They were there to discuss the possibility of Industrial Wind Turbines being built within the town and the need for the MP Town Board to write a Health and Safety …

Patriot Rage

Oliver Anthony in Rich Men North of Richmond deeply touches America's troubled soul about the state of our government like no one else has since Bob Dylan

You Heard It Here

Dear Editor, Thank you Steve Pieroni for the reply so I know I am not writing in an echo chamber. You put words in my mouth. That’s deceitful. I don’t “let Trump off the hook”

There’s negatives with the wind turbines

Dear Editor, A huge THANK YOU to everyone that took the time to attend the Town of Dodgeville meeting last week. Over 60 people (some from surrounding townships) attended with many speaking up about the industrial wind turbine projects planned in our area.

Of the people...

Dear Editor, Last night (August 1) I attended the Dodgeville Town Board meeting and saw real representative government in action.

What exactly is a farmers market?

What comes to mind when you think of “farmers markets?” Ripe seasonal produce, colorful flowers, freshly baked bread, and music? So what exactly is a farmers market?

Straight Talk Letter Contains Lots of LoopyThinking

In the letter last week from a former army infantryman the writer claimed to be taught by the army to “ say it straight”.


Nothing cuts deeper than betrayal. The scene at Kabul airport was total chaos after Biden ordered a hasty exit to keep his self-imposed date.

The Green New Deal Fantasy Is Exposed for All to See

A circle graph in an article by Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge (July 28, 2023), NatGas, Coal, Nuclear Power Save Largest US Grid As Emergency Alert Declared for Second Day, shows that industrial wind and solar provided about 6% of the electrical energy used in the recent moderate heat wave …