Importance of the Dodgeville Reporter

Dear Editor, This Dodgeville Reporter speaks to the political health of our community. Yes, there are terrific news outlets on the internet, radio and TV about national issues.

Build back better

Dear Editor, "Build Back Better," was originally coined by Joe Biden. However, it is President Donald Trump who will ultimately bring this vision to fruition with the guidance of divine intervention, the hands of God.

Flip Your Ballot Over and Vote No on Confusing Constitutional Amendments

Dear Editor, As Wisconsin voters, we have an important responsibility to safeguard the integrity and balance of our state government.

Be careful who you vote for

Dear Editor, If you love your guns, be careful who you vote for in November. While “liberals” often get a bad rap on gun control issues, authoritarian governments tend to have very strict gun laws on the left and the right ends the political spectrum.

Vote No August 13th

Dear Editor, There are two questions on the August 13th ballot that will dramatically change our state’s constitution and the way federal money is allocated in Wisconsin.

Flip it over

Dear Editor, So you have decided to vote in the August 13th election. And you have decided to vote NO on the constitutional amendments because:

Trump is anti-democratic

Dear Editor, I grew up in an upstate New York small town in dairy country like Wisconsin. My friends were kids from town and the surrounding farms.

Party of Hate

Dear Editor, Corey Comperatore, fire chief and father of 2 daughters, was assassinated by Democrat hate Sunday in PA. The shooter left messages that he hated Trump and Republicans.

Lies, loopholes and lobbyists

Dear Editor, About a year ago, I got a flier in the mail about a Patriotic Millionaires informational meeting.

Ambulance crew great

Dear editor, On June 17 at about noon I fell and broke my hip. I did not want the ambulance called but my husband did it anyway.

Vote “No” on amendments

To the editor, Vote no on constitutional amendments in August.

Wake up! Vote NO!

Dear editor, Ho hum....An August primary with no contested races. Why bother to vote?

Concerned about Arena Police Department removal

Dear Editor, I am writing to express my deep concern regarding recent decisions made by certain members of the Arena Village Board, specifically Brittany Carney, Kathy Stoltz, Melissa Bandell, Kristen Shea, and Village President Kate Reimann.

Response to "Remember this"

Dear Editor, After reading the opinion "Remember this" I thought I would fact check some of Mr. Noland's claims to see how much he "remembers".

Biden needs more than money donated to beat Trump

Dear Editor, In the few days since our Supreme Court established the United States as a monarchy, I have received over a half dozen anxious appeals for money from President Biden.