Toy drive in progress

by Mary Glindinning Now through Dec. 15 at noon, the Dodgeville Chronicle, Mineral Point Democrat Tribune (along with the Mineral Point Chamber of Commerce) and Pecatonica Valley Leader are sponsoring a toy drive.


by Kenyon Bennet Sometimes, reports of joint resolutions and proposed bills pop up in state and national news. The far-reaching effects of those proposals can be muddied and not easily understood when differing opinions are voiced. Consider the 2023 Assembly Joint Resolution 76

What did we ever do to you, Louis

Hey Louis DeJoy, what did I ever do to you?

Mental health needs are apparent

The need for improved mental health services, especially for those with struggles with the law was apparent as I sat in the courtroom Tuesday covering a few court cases.


When the world is at odds with an individual or a nation, anger, a profound sense of betrayal, sadness, and despair are often the emotions felt.

Our card of thanks

by Kenyon Bennett One of the advertising opportunitys we offer is a chance for someone to thank someone or some groups for going above and beyond when helping, offering sympathy, etc. It is known as a Card of Thanks.

We need to keep the Brewers

by J. Patrick Reilly For us baseball fans the thought of the Brewers leaving Milwaukee if stadium upgrades are not put in place is not good news.

A lot of great effort

I don’t usually turn the writing of a major story over to someone and accept the product without doing quite a bit of editing. But I am doing it this week and I really appreciate the efforts of Kristen May, a major player in the Iowa County Fair.

Thanks for making it all possible

by J. Patrick Reilly As usual the summer has gone by fast. It seems like only a couple days ago we started the summer baseball seasons for youth and those playing Home Talent League baseball. Now we are down to only a few teams still playing.

Finding the truth

In journalism, finding the truth is never easy. It requires courage and legwork. It requires a strong will and sweat. It requires a discerning mind and an eye for nonsense.


Navigating Change

Support systems are crucial

Changes can work well