May 16, 2024 at 11:25 a.m.

Cell phones on June agenda, Mount Horeb incidents concerns for Highland School Board

Highland’s School Board was informed by District Administrator Josh Tarrell that they will be asked to discuss cell phones in school at their meeting in June.

Tarrell has made it known he is not a fan of students having cell phones accessible during the school day.  He has been surveying other districts, collecting information to present to the board.  

“I want there to be plenty of warning that this discussion will be taking place,” Tarrell told the board. “I want the public to be able to voice their opinions.”

Much of last Wednesday’s meeting concerned the recent incident in the Mount Horeb School District that ended up with a 14 year old middle school student bent shot and killed when he appeared to have an assault rifle and was attempting to enter the school building....

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