May 2, 2024 at 1:10 p.m.

Poorly done map....why?

Dear Editor, 

Renewable energy developer Invenergy hasn't improved the map in their pre-application to the PSC for their Badger Hollow Wind project in Iowa and Grant Counties. For a developer that claims to want to work with local communities their map for turbine locations lacks consistency in showing all roads and correctly labeling those roads within and near to the project boundary. I think by leaving a number of the roads off of the map inside the project area it makes the area appear less populated. The numerous people that will see the map in this pre-application could assume the roads they have identified in the map are all the roads that are in place in the project area. This pre-application is a public document explaining parts of the project. The project map is identified as preliminary, but in the real world the roads that aren't shown are actually in place, they're not preliminary. This document by now has been sent to landowners within a mile of the structures for the wind project as State code requires. Too bad State code assumed developers would include all roads in the maps they do. Ask yourself why would Invenergy leave roads off the maps they produce? 

Rick Zemlicka 

Landowner resident Town of Eden 

Iowa County, WI