March 22, 2024 at 11:25 a.m.

Referendum, saving money heads Barneveld School Board meeting

By John Dalton

Before the Barneveld School Board Meeting on Wednesday, March 13th, the school district had one more district community session regarding the upcoming referendum.  At the school board following the session, Superintendent Robyn Oberfoell again reminded everyone to vote yes for an operating referendum.  

Like so many school districts in Wisconsin, and what you have all been hearing now for months, Wisconsin public schools are critically underfunded and this is just not a Barneveld problem, but a state-wide problem.   State funding is inconsistent and insufficient.  ESSER Funds (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief via the Covid-19 outbreak) are expiring which will reduce the revenue by $250,000.  

The current mill rate projections with the referendum will be between $8.38 and $8.49 and will include:

-An increase in Equalized Aid due to last fall’s defeasance.

(See the rest of this story in the March 21, 2024 Chronicle issue)