March 22, 2024 at 12:15 p.m.

Mike Olson is my choice

Dear Editor,

Dodgeville voters have a choice in the April 2 Mayor election. Mike Olson may be new to the local political field but he has long roots in the community and served admirably as a county board supervisor here in Portage County. Mike drew from his agricultural background to provide a much needed voice of reason on the county land and water committee. Though the chair of the committee focused on narrow interests, Mike advocated for the broader public good, aiming to protect Portage County's vulnerable groundwater. When he moved away, the county board chair appointed his own political ally into Mike's seat. The committee fell into disarray and disfunction, resulting in the resignation of our staff member in charge of carrying out groundwater protection. In short, we miss Mike's leadership and I'm confident that given the chance he would use his pragmatism and reason to help Dodgeville navigate the challenges ahead.

Eric Olson

Stevens Point 

* This is a paid letter