March 22, 2024 at 12:15 p.m.

Bruce Paull, A True Public Servant: Vote for him on April 2

Dear Editor, 

While many politicians claim to be "public servants," few actually live up to that ideal as successfully as Bruce Paull who is running for Iowa County Board Supervisor in District 7. ( He was formerly a Supervisor but had to resign when he and Donna moved from their farm to Ridgeway - out of his district.) Read Bruce's column in the Dodgeville Chronicle and you will come to know him as a man who writes with wisdom, insight, warmth and humor, a man who has continued to serve as a public servant by being active in several civic organizations and county committees, promoting events of local non-profits, and reporting on what is happening in the County Board.

 Bruce comes to the Board without a partisan political agenda; his only agenda is to understand the concerns of his constituents, find ways the Board might address those concerns, and keep the public informed of the Board's deliberations and actions. You will find him very responsive to questions and input from constituents. In short, there is no candidate more qualified for public office or more deserving of our votes than Bruce Paull.

(If you are not sure which district you live in you can call the County Clerk's Office, 608 935-0399 or check the district maps on the county's website.)

Allen and Judy Pincus

Town of Brigham, WI

* This is a paid letter