March 8, 2024 at 2:10 p.m.

I’m new and voting for Hottmann

Dear Editor, 

I'll start off with transparency: I'm new here. Years after falling in love with Dodgeville, I made it my home just 11 months ago. As a young(ish) adult without family or friends in the area, I was a little nervous. Would I be lonely? Would I be bored?

Barry Hottman was one of several amazing, kind, brilliant people who settled all my worries.

Dozens of us have rallied to create Merrimac & Main, a vibrant new community center at the heart of town, but it was Barry who facilitated that first brainstorming meeting in a quiet church basement in May. It was Barry who dared us to vision the possibilities, to move away from the status quo and into hope and abundance. What could we dream up? How could we make it happen?

We all deserve to hope, to dream about the future before us, to know that better is possible. Barry is someone who not only believes this, but makes it happen.

Dodgeville has such a rich history already. But what comes next? With Barry Hottman as Mayor, I think the answer is clear - Dodgeville continues its momentum as a place where we can create, where we can gather, where we can dream together.

At this next election, I know that my vote is for hope. My vote is for action.


Rachel Peller

Dodgeville, WI