March 8, 2024 at 2:15 p.m.

Dodgeville Co-op gymnasts make magic at state meet in both team and individual competition

There were some exciting moments for the Dodgeville Co-op gymnastics program at the 2024 WIAA Division 2 State Meet.

For the team its sixth place finish was the highest every for a Dodgeville based team.

For individuals Faith Yaun made it to the podium with a third place in balance beam after performing a very difficult and impressive routine.

The co-op, made up of gymnasts from Dodgeville, Mineral Point, Iowa-Grant and Highland, have come together under the direction of veteran head coach Julia Oellerich. The coach had this to say about the impressive weekend at state.

“We're incredibly proud of the girls. They really rose to the occasion, especially considering the intense pressure and the electric atmosphere of the state gymnastics meet,” said coach Julia Oellerich.  “Finishing sixth as a team is a huge achievement for us and the best we've done in our six appearances. It's a testament to the hard work and dedication they've put in all season.”

Oellerich went on to talk about some individual performances that stood out.

“Andrea James had an outstanding bar routine, showcasing her best performance of the season and achieving a personal best score of 7.93. It's incredible to see such a milestone happen at the state meet. She's been a key gymnast for us, especially on bars, and her contributions have been invaluable to our success.”

“Lilliana Vivian also competed a strong floor routine, just narrowly missing her personal best score. Her dedication and growth throughout her career with us have been remarkable. Her ability to truly perform is like none other. She is a blast to watch compete, especially on floor.” 

“And Brooklyn Murphy, well, she's always been a rock for us. Her beam routine was gorgeous, earning her the third-highest score in the team competition. She's been a consistent anchor for us all season, and her performance at the state meet was no exception.”  

Saturday was individual competition for the Dodgers.

“During individual competition, Brooklyn had a strong performance, particularly on floor where she started with a solid score of 9.0, despite the really tough judging. Her consistency and ability to perform under pressure are truly commendable. Myra Barr and Faith Yaun both made their first individual appearances at the state level, and they handled it remarkably well. All three of them had really nice, no fall beam routines, which is no small feat. Myra finished strong with a solid tumbling connection into her dismount, and Faith's performance earned her a well-deserved third place finish against the state's best gymnasts. In the weeks leading up to the meet, Faith worked hard on refining her skills and perfecting her routines on beam. One area we really focused on was her connections and the execution of her leaps and jumps. We knew that in order for her to compete at the highest level, every detail of her routine needed to be flawless. Faith's third-place finish is a testament to her determination and dedication to gymnastics. She didn't just compete at the state tournament; she conquered it, leaving a mark on the gymnastics community and inspiring all who had the privilege of witnessing her performance. Faith's journey is a reminder that with hard work, perseverance, and belief in oneself, anything is possible!”

“It's been an incredible journey, and we're sad to see our seniors go, but we're also incredibly grateful for the legacy they've left behind.” Oellerich continued. “They've set a high standard for the girls that will come after them, and their guidance and support have been invaluable. We're excited to see what the future holds for our program and the talented athletes within it.”




Team Scores Division 2

1-Elkhorn Area 140.684

2-West Salem Co-op 140.234

3-Mount Horeb Vikings   


4-Whitefish Bay 138.683

5-Reedsburg 135.650

6-Dodgeville Co-op 134.767

7-Onalaska/Luther 134.583

8-West Bend West 133.600

9-Medford/Colby 133.583

10-A/D/M 123.117


(Dodgeville Co-op)

22-Ally Baehler 8.500

23-Brooklyn Murphy 8.467

25-Lilliana Vivian 8.467

29-Faith Yaun 8.263

35-Myra Barr 8.167


3-Brooklyn Murphy 9.317

7-Ally Baehler 8.863

24-Myra Barr 8.500

36-Faith Yaun 7.883

39-Lilliana Vivian 7.800


8-Brooklyn Murphy 8.600

17-Faith Yaun 8.367

28-Andrea James 7.933

36-Ally Baehler 7.767

39-Alaina Nelson 7.733


20-Brooklyn Murphy 8.567

20-Faith Yaun 8.567

25-Alaina Nelson 8.483

34-Lilliana Vivian 8.183

37-Ally Baehler 8.133

All  Around

9-Brooklyn Murphy 34.950

22-Ally Baehler 33.283

23-Faith Yaun 33.100

35-Lilliana Vivian 24.450

47-Myra Barr 16.667

50-Alaina Nelson 16.217

64-Andrea James 7.933



15-Faith Yaun 8.533


3-Faith Yaun 9.233 (Medal)

13-Brooklyn Murphy 8.917

21-Myra Barr 8.200


9-Brooklyn Murphy 9.000

19-Faith Yaun 8.533

 All Around

10-Brooklyn Murphy 35.283

13-Faith Yaun 34.917