March 8, 2024 at 2:00 p.m.

Council approves emotional support dog for the DPD School Resource Officer

By John Dalton

On Tuesday the Dodgeville Common Council approved a therapy emotional support dog for the Dodgeville Police Department to work with the Dodgeville School District for the use of the dog at the school.

Research has proved therapy dogs can have positive effects on student well-being, schools, and universities are increasingly adopting therapy dog programs as an inexpensive way of providing social and emotional support for students.

Police Chief Shannon Jasica said that the dog, a Male English Cream Retriever, would be donated to the department. The cost would be approximately $4,300 for the first year including training, accident and pet insurance, veterinary costs, grooming, and other miscellany costs.   The dog would live with the School Resource Officer, Joseph Pepper, who also agreed to pay out of pocket for dog food.

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