March 8, 2024 at 2:10 p.m.

Barry Hottmann, ready to serve Dodgeville as its mayor

Dear Editor, 

Barry Hottmann arrived in Dodgeville in 1977 at age six with his mom and dad and two brothers.  He has been a loyal Dodgeville person ever since except for a few years in Eau Claire as a student and employee.  Growing up in Dodgeville was a great experience for Barry and his family as they took advantage of the good schools, participated in the many community and school activities and opportunities and enjoyed a very friendly and safe community.  He graduated from Dodgeville High School and moved on to U.W. Eau Claire where he got his Bachelor’s degree, first job, and also his Master’s degree.  Soon he returned to Dodgeville, which has been his home ever since.  He has been a very active citizen, and involved in community service ever since he returned to Dodgeville. He loves Dodgeville, and gives back to the community as often as he can.  Now he would like to be the Mayor of Dodgeville and I believe he is ready.

As Barry’s father, it is natural that I would support him, but I truly believe he has the skills and preparation that matches well with the position of Mayor of Dodgeville.  He is creative, a hard worker, a good listener, works well with people, has developed leadership skills, and works for the U. W. Extension in Community Development.  He knows Dodgeville and cares deeply about its future.  I believe Barry is a great fit for the position of Mayor of Dodgeville.

Monte Hottmann

Spring Green, WI