March 1, 2024 at 11:00 a.m.

Trump and Putin

Dear Editor,

When Trump appears before his fans and calls military personnel and veterans “losers”, while his hands play an invisible squeeze box, or he puts on his “little boy” face, tilting his head, getting sympathy from the crowd, reasonable people are disgusted. Literacy is the basis for developing minds, and is central to any democratic society. No wonder intelligent people are despised by those seeking to keep the population in ignorance. We all should cherish the ideals of freedom, education, and human dignity, all of which are lost when affordable opportunities to attend local campuses are removed through mismanagement.

Trump’s abhorrence and lack of respect for the military is really jealousy of the respect they get for their service. Is he hiding his “trumped” up excuse for avoiding recruitment during the Vietnam era? He dehumanizes his opponents and is constantly promoting divisiveness, causing attacks on ethnic groups, and those who criticize him. His servant, Mike Johnson, hamstrings Congress, unconscious of the disaster this will bring to the whole world.

Trump encourages Putin to wreak whatever damage he wants on our allies. Putin says he wants to restore the old Russian Empire. So, what will Republicans do when Putin comes after Alaska?

Kay Ziegahn

Richland Center, WI