March 1, 2024 at 11:05 a.m.

Dodgers boys go 4x4 at state individual wrestling

The Dodgeville wrestling program accomplished a rare feat at last week’s WIAA State Wrestling  Tournament.

The feat?

Four state champions.

To make it even better, fans did not have to wait to see the wrestlers earn their titles as they went back to back to back to back.

Shane Rochon was first with the 106 championship. Next came Haaken Peterson at 113. Charlie Meudt followed at 120 and Reid Spurley wrapped it up at 126.

“It was a heck of a weekend,” Dodgeville co-head coach Ryan Lord said. “To get four state champions is pretty rare.”

Also at the tournament was the first Dodgeville girl to make it, 100 pound junior Ava Lord, who happens to be coach Lord’s daughter. Ava had two matches, both losses, but Lord said she wrestled great.

“She was up against girls who made it to state last year and have been wrestling all their lives,” Lord said.  “Ava just started this year and her experience has been a total of 17 matches.  It was awesome to see her out there on the mat and she likes it.  She is motivated to get back there next year and earn a spot on the podium.”

Lord added that Ava has developed some wrestling friendships among area girls and they plan to work out in the off season.

For the boys tournament all four Dodgeville entrants were seeded number one.

“I was impressed with that,” Lord said.  “We had a lot of people talking about four in a row.  Also, going in we were tied with Luxemburg-Casco for consecutive wins at state and we broke that.”

The Dodgers have 27 consecutive wins at state.

“The four champions knew their jobs and took it one match at a time,” Lord said.  “They went out and did it, having fun in the process.”

Rochon had only one time he was in trouble and that was in his first match when he was taken down.  After that wrestled ahead.

Rochon did have an injury problem when he dislocated a finger on a takedown but the trainer popped it back in and he wrestled with it the rest of the way.

“He was sore but he is a kid that nothing phases him,” Lord said.  “He was able to set the tone for the rest of the boys.  He did his job and was in control.”

“Haaken was dominating the whole tournament,” Lord said.  “He was impressive and is a very talented and driven wrestler.

“Charlie had some tough match-ups,” Lord said. “Every kid he faced was strong. The kid he beat in the finals had always wrestled Charlie close. But Charlie stayed in control and did what he wanted to do.”

“What Reid did was absolutely amazing,” Lord said.  “Most people did not know he had ACL surgery and it was touch and go if he would be back for the tournament or not. He got cleared the night before Regionals and after that it was a roller coaster ride. He had a little issue with the knee in the finals but he gutted it out and got the fourth championship. We worried about his endurance but he went on emotions and determination which led to an amazing job.”

Until Reid was cleared his brother, Rhett, filled that weight and had an outstanding year. When Reid was cleared Rhett gladly stepped aside so his brother could return to the mat.

“Rhett could have been at state too if Reid wasn’t able to go,” Lord said.

Lord said he was glad the coaches voted to start the wrestling at 106.

“That way we got to go in order  then sit back and enjoy the rest of the tournament,” Lord said.

“It was a great tournament especially for our area teams,” added Lord. “Wrestling is a close knit sport and we all support each other and cheer for our conference and those around us.  Our area had quite a showing.”

The team came home to fire trucks, a fan caravan and fireworks. Once they got to the school they appeared before a packed gym and the wrestlers were able to speak and thank everyone for their support.

“What a reception,” Lord said.  “It was late at night because we had to stay for pictures but it was quite a homecoming and greatly appreciated.”

Lord said the weekend was also full of well wishes and congratulations from his former wrestlers, former teammates and college friends.

“It was so special,” Lord said. “We had a heck of a year.”

2024 WIAA Individual State Results for Dodgeville

D2-106 Shane Rochon (54-1) placed 1st and scored 21.5 team points.

Quarterfinal - Shane Rochon (Dodgeville) 54-1 won by tech fall over Garrett Ganter (Oconto Falls) 40-13 (TF-1.5 4:16 (16-1)), Semifinal - Shane Rochon (Dodgeville) 54-1 won by decision over Parker Spierings (Brillion) 56-4 (Dec 7-4), 1st Place Match - Shane Rochon (Dodgeville) 54-1 won by decision over Westin Ingham (Amery) 40-9 (Dec 4-2)

D2-113 Haakon Peterson (46-0) placed 1st and scored 24.5 team points., 

Quarterfinal - Haakon Peterson (Dodgeville) 46-0 won by tech fall over Aidan Peters (Seymour) 39-11 (TF-1.5 2:37 (21-6)), Semifinal - Haakon Peterson (Dodgeville) 46-0 won by tech fall over Logan Schad (Kiel) 41-10 (TF-1.5 5:54 (23-8)), 1st Place Match - Haakon Peterson (Dodgeville) 46-0 won by tech fall over Ethan Hady (Richland Center) 39-10 (TF-1.5 4:20 (20-5))

D2-120 Charlie Meudt (47-0) placed 1st and scored 20.0 team points.

Quarterfinal - Charlie Meudt (Dodgeville) 47-0 won by decision over McAllister Ramage (Lake Country Luth.) 35-5 (Dec 9-3), Semifinal - Charlie Meudt (Dodgeville) 47-0 won by decision over Logan Mueller (Brillion) 41-7 (Dec 6-3), 1st Place Match - Charlie Meudt (Dodgeville) 47-0 won by decision over Wyatt Magolski (New London) 46-4 (Dec 5-3)

D2-126 Reid Spurley (9-0) placed 1st and scored 24.0 team points.

Quarterfinal - Reid Spurley (Dodgeville) 9-0 won by fall over Sawyer Ostrum (Nekoosa/Assumption/Port Ed.) 36-10 (Fall 3:34), Semifinal - Reid Spurley (Dodgeville) 9-0 won by fall over Max Gonzalez (East Troy) 52-1 (Fall 6:00), 1st Place Match - Reid Spurley (Dodgeville) 9-0 won by decision over Bob Huntley (Brillion) 56-4 (Dec 7-4)

2024 WIAA Individual State

Results for Dodgeville Girls

Girls 100 Ava Lord (15-8) place is unknown and scored 0.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1 - Iszy Sonnentag (Cadott Girls) 32-3 won by fall over Ava Lord (Dodgeville Girls) 15-8 (Fall 0:45), Cons. Round 1 - Katherine Cook (Freedom Girls) 45-3 won by fall over Ava Lord (Dodgeville Girls) 15-8 (Fall 1:14)

2024 WIAA Individual State Results for River Valley

D2-150 Wyatt Nachreiner (36-11) place is unknown and scored 0.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1 - Jacob Durocher (Wrightstown) 44-11 won by decision over Wyatt Nachreiner (River Valley) 36-11 (Dec 2-0)