June 20, 2024 at 10:30 a.m.

Highland board moves toward cell phone policy

When a school board meeting takes about three and a half hours there has to be a good reason.

At Highland last Wednesday, the reason was cell phones, or more specifically, developing a policy to address cell phones in school.

Things got started on the subject when it was time for public comment.  And there was plenty of comment.

Those who spoke provided several varied views.  The one constant was that no one felt cell phones should be banned completely.

The matter was on the agenda through the efforts of District Administrator Josh Tarrell who had touched on the subject at past meetings and got to the point where he feels cell phones can be detrimental to learning.  

But those who presented public comment felt cell phones have their place in learning.

Nicole Welsh, an active American Legion supporter, said students who helped with speeches at the Avoca/Highland Memorial Day program used their phones to read what they had to say.

Another mother said her son has some issues where he needs his phone to feel like he can contact her at any time....

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