June 10, 2024 at 12:30 p.m.

Upland Hills Health Unveils Plan to Expand Senior Care

 Upland Hills Health officials have announced plans to develop a senior living campus in Dodgeville that will include a 63-bed assisted living center, offering both one-assist and two-assist (high needs) care. 

While the new campus will not include a traditional nursing home, the high-needs assisted living units will provide the care that most nursing home patients require at a significant cost savings to residents.

To ensure that the vast majority of those requiring assisted living care will be able to receive care in this new center, the UHH Board of Trustees has increased the number of beds/ living units in its plan and pledged to accommodate a high ratio of Family Care residents. Additionally, UHH is doubling the number of memory care beds available to residents, with the transition of the existing CrestRidge assisted living and memory care facility, which currently has 24 assisted living beds and 16 beds for memory care, to a 40-bed memory care unit.

When all senior campuses are fully operational, UHH will have the ability to accommodate 103 elderly residents, compared to current UHH senior facilities that serve up to 84 residents....

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