June 10, 2024 at 12:15 p.m.

Property taken from Mineral Point cars recovered

By Mary Glindinning

Property taken from cars in Mineral Point was recovered from a vehicle involved in a police pursuit by the Maple Bluff Police Department over the weekend.

Three people were apprehended after they fled the vehicle. They were taken to the Dane County Jail. Maple Bluff is a Madison suburb. 

The identity of the suspects and possible charges to be filed will be part of a continuing investigation. 

Mineral Point police received about 25 reports of cars with items missing or rummaged through overnight May 30. 

Cars on Ross, Maiden, Washington, Fountain, Pleasant, Union and other streets were entered. 

 All of the cars were unlocked with no signs of forced entry, said Police Chief Bob Weier, with keys, credit cards and other personal property taken. Some items taken from cars were found discarded. 

One car taken from Front Street was recovered on Center Street. Items were stolen from one garage by using the garage door remote. 

“Likely charges coming from our department will be multiple theft from motor vehicle charges, a burglary charge for the theft from the house garage and motor vehicle theft,” Weier said.

 Lock cars and don’t leave keys or valuables in them, he advised.