June 10, 2024 at 12:20 p.m.

Dodgeville council hear from those concerned with library

The Dodgeville City Council was greeted with a packed house when they met for their first of two monthly meetings Tuesday.

The full house was present to see what the council would do with a request to help provide funding for the library.  The funding would be in the form of a pledge so the library board can pursue a $4.25 million grant to help with the projected nine million dollars needed for the project to become complete.

The grant must be applied for by early July and if successful would be added to the million dollars the library board has already raised.  Jodi Vanderloo presented the information to the council on behalf of the library board.

The city would have to pledge $5.25 million in support of the project so the grant can be asked for.  Councilman Dan Meuer pointed out what the taxpayers would have to come up with as they would be who actually funds the $5.25 million.  He also said there would be costs for heat, lights, a/c, janitorial, etc...

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