January 8, 2024 at 12:00 p.m.

Time for the R word in 2024

by J. Patrick Reilly

With the start of a new year no doubt there are many resolutions being made and some will undoubtedly be carried out.  One resolution we are suggesting is a return to respect.

Do we respect those who have pledged to be there to help us out in a time of need?

Last week we had two potentially dangerous incidents handled by our local law enforcement, one a stand-off which was drug related and one that involved interstate kidnapping.  Luckily both were resolved without incident and peacefully.

But both could have resulted in much more when it came to danger.

It should be noted that Fire and EMS personnel were also involved in the stand-off.

Watching a clip from youtube showed an incident where a member of the fire department was having a ride-along with a police officer when a car was stopped.  The officer took license and registration, returning to his car where he called for back-up. Something he caught made him think a kidnapping was in progress.  Turns out he was right.

The ride-along fireman was talking to the child when her mother arrived.  She told her mother he was a fireman and a hero.  The fireman pointed the police officer was the real hero.  The woman took her daughter and left.

The policeman said this was a common occurence.  He pointed out that when a fire takes place drivers have no problem giving the trucks room.  But when a police call is being answered the response by motorists is not the same. 

That comes down to respect.  Our emergency personnel need to arrive as soon as possible to a situation as many times lives can be at stake.  we should make a point to give them the respect they deserve and let them do their job the best they can.

Add respect to your to-do list for 2024.