January 8, 2024 at 12:00 p.m.

Is this the beauty that we want?

Dear Editor,

As we enter a new year, we can reflect on the past and plan for the future. Looking back, we can take note of the private development companies that are gaining a foothold in our area. Planning wind turbine projects in Iowa, Lafayette and Grant counties, Pattern Energy, Allete and Invenergy have staked their claim to thousands of acres. With CHC transmission lines in place, the driftless area will soon be an industrial wasteland. Is this what you want?

The Long View Alliance WI has been sharing information regarding the health and safety of these new, larger wind turbines over the past few years. There are still too many people that remained uninformed and/or unconcerned about the effects of these turbines. Some of our local towns have enacted health and safety ordinances to help keep their residents safe.  More towns need to, so we can band together with these ordinances. We need to be diligent in holding these companies responsible for their projects and how they build them.

Allete energy is currently involved in a lawsuit with Grant County regarding zoning paperwork and permits. Landowners should be fully informed of their rights before signing any lease or "good neighbor" agreements. International private energy development companies entice landowners to sign with promises of money and 60 page contracts. How much are your landowner rights worth? Hundreds of wind turbines could be erected in the next few years if these companies have their way. Is this what we want for the driftless area?

And now we have solar companies approaching other landowners east of Mineral Point. What will the view be from High street with 650' turbines and possibly acres of solar. What is our world coming to? Yes we need clean green energy but at what cost? Your health? Your land value? The Mineral Point Chamber of Commerce promotes that "Mineral Point is a city like no other located in the beautiful Driftless hills of Southwest Wisconsin. We are a creative community filled with local business owners, makers, painters, potters, farmers, and foodies. Come for a visit and experience the beauty of our town."

Come and experience the beauty of a town surrounded by 150+ wind turbines 650' tall, right.

Steve Ferrell

Iowa County landowner

Monroe, WI