January 8, 2024 at 12:00 p.m.

Improved Panther girls split at Juda tournament

When the final buzzer sounded a real basketball battle ended up just short for the ever improving Iowa-Grant girls basketball team.

After a back and forth battle with  a very strong and defensive pressure minded River Ridge team the Panthers came very close to pulling off what some would call an upset.  But the Six Rivers West power got the last word in a game that ended 49-47 in favor of the Timberwolves.

Adrianna Jelle and Adrienne Biddick each had 13 points to lead the scoring for the Panthers.

“This was a tough one,” said Panther coach Jessica Schultz.  “The girls played so incredibly hard and executed everything we do each day in practice. This game simply came down to missed bunnies and missed free throws, both of which have been a huge emphasis from day one of practice.”

Schultz said Adrianna Jelle, Amiah Fisher and Alaina Schultz all had big performances.

“They are playing like seniors right now and really stepping up when we need them,” Schultz pointed out.

“River Ridge was tough and gave us some intense ball pressure,” Schultz added.  “We knew it was coming and we prepared for it in practice the day before.  I thought the girls handled it exceptionally well.”


I-G          22    25     47

RR          19    30     49    


IOWA-GRANT 47: (fg-ft-tp) Jelle 4-3-13, Fisher 0-0-0, Kuhls 0-0-0, Kite 1-0-2, Kohlenberg 4-0-8, Biddick 5-3-13, Lehman 1-0-2, Schultz 3-1-7, Hoge 0-0-0, Hoeper 0-2-2. Totals 18-9/16-47. Fouls-15

RIVER RIDGE 49: Quick 0-0-0, Mason 1-0-2, Wehrie 3-0-7, M. Sletten 4-3-13, Crubel 0-0-0, Graf 2-0-4, Adrian 2-0-4, K. Sletten 0-0-0, Zinkle 5-2-12, Taylor 0-0-0. Totals 19-7/14-49. Fouls-15

3 point goals:

I-G-Jelle 2

RR-Sletten 2, Wehrie 1, Graf 1

The Panthers then continued to play good basketball and rolled to a 59-34 win over host Juda in the second game.

It was a true team effort as every one of the girls in uniform scored as Schultz was able to use both her starters and reserves.

Jelle and Biddick again reached double figures with Jelle putting in 21 and Biddick adding 10.

“This game showed me what kind of team we have the potential to be each time we step on the court,” Schultz said.  “We pushed the ball in transition and got great looks.”

Jelle’s performance and her ability to run the offense drew praise from Schultz.

“AJ completely took over the game and played like a true point guard,” Schultz said.


I-G             27    32    59

Juda           11    23    34


IOWA-GRANT 59: (fg-ft-tp) Jelle 8-4-21, Fisher 1-2-5, Kuhls 1-0-2, Kite 3-0-6, Kohlenberg 1-0-2, Biddick 4-2-10, Lehman 1-0-2, Schultz 4-0-8, Hoge 1-0-2, Hoeper 1-0-2. Totals 24-9/15-59. Fouls-12

JUDA 34: Leopold 0-0-0, Homan 0-2-2, Peterson 0-0-0, Bartels 1-0-3, Swedlund 4-0-10, Lerch 0-1-1, Rufer 2-1-5, Brooks 4-4-12, Sullivan 0-1-1, Scheidegger 0-0-0, Zimmerman 0-0-0, Simpson 0-0-0. Totals 11-9/20-34. Fouls-14

3 point goals:

I-G-Jelle 1, Fisher 1

J-Swedlund 2, Bartels 1