January 8, 2024 at 12:00 p.m.

Along The Ad Routes

by Mike Reilly

We received a note from Bryan Bilse from Middleton. He said: “ I grew up in rural Barneveld and worked at the Iowa County Sheriff for many years.  I love getting the Chronicle and keeping up on the news back home!  I was recently looking through some family heirlooms and I came across this gem!  My Grandma was Bernice Jones-Bilse and my Great Aunt was Lydia Jones-Gann.  My Grandma and her sister moved from Dodgeville to Rockford to work in a factory to help with the war effort.  Lydia stayed in Rockford and married my great Uncle Elmer and my Grandma met my Grandpa Elmo, got married and they farmed south of Barneveld.  I just wanted to pass it on because I know people to this day send their thanks when they renew their prescription.  Have a great holiday season!!  Bryan Bilse”

Here’s what he sent - a clipping from the Dodgeville Chronicle:

THIS SOUNDS GOOD (headline from the paper)

Rockford, Ill

Dec. 17, 1942

The Dodgeville Chronicle Dodgeville, Wis.


Sirs: Please send the Chronicle to my folks, Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Richmond for the year 1943. I am giving this to them as a Christmas present. They send me the paper after they get it and I give it to some girl friends and after they get done with it I pass it on to Lydia and Bernice Jones from Dodgeville.


Lois Jean Richmond

P. S.: Please send it to V. G.

Richmond, Fennimore, Wis.

The paper is my favorite and also my folks think the same. It cheers up we Wisconsin girls to get the home


We got some snow on Thursday - 2 snowfalls to be exact (it quit in the morning and then started up again). With about 40 still to come I wonder how February and March and even April will be?


Saturday morning breakfast had just Bob and me going to 400 Springs at the House on the Rock Golf Course in Spring Green - everyone else was either gone or ill! I had their homemade French Toast and Bob had their omelette. It was the last time we would be having Saturday morning breakfast there (one of our favorites) since Drew and Dawn are not reopening there in mid-March! They have a small restaurant at the House on the Rock itself and will focus on that - easier to staff. We will miss them and the great food they have provided!


Don’t forget that the Annual Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Championships will be here before you know it. They are held at Harris Park right here in Dodgeville on Saturday, April 20. We are looking for people to compete and to volunteer so take a look at the Dodgeville Chamber of Commerce website to be a part of it!


I’m going to talk about this coming Saturday being “National Technology Day”.  National Technology Day on January 6th recognizes how technology changes the world and looks to the future of technology. Each year, from the wheel to smartphones, the day honors technological achievements that impact our daily lives. Even though it started long before, we owe a lot to 1967 with the “Pocket Radio” that came prior to the Walkman of iPod.