February 8, 2024 at 11:50 a.m.

What have Republicans done?

Dear Editor, 

It's confusing today to understand all we read or hear in the news. However, it's important when voting, to look for decency and honesty in those who represent us. In recent years, Republicans have done nothing to help ordinary people. Their tax cuts have mainly benefited multi-millionaires and corporations, while reducing meaningful benefits for those of us who need them. Democrats are unable to get bills passed because the Republican majority in the House blocks them. Speaker Mike Johnson has already said the bill Republicans insisted on for the border and Ukraine will be "dead on arrival".

Republicans also follow blindly on issues considered as "religious". Making abortion illegal doesn't only ruin the lives of people who are pregnant through rape, incest, or carelessness. It has also created impossible situations for families who desperately want a child, but have learned that their pregnancy is doomed: their baby would only have hours to live, if that. Forcing such women to carry the fetus to term does nobody any good, and can cause death to the mother. But in their ignorance, Republicans pushed for this reversal of a right of all women, only to please the so-called "religious right", many of whom never attend church. What if they had called for sterilization of all rapists? Would that have passed?

Then we have state Republican Representatives who have done nothing to help our UW colleges prosper. After the Pandemic, the transfer of multiple UW-Richland lecturers and staff members to Platteville including our recruiter caused a loss of students. But this was met by Marklein and Kurz as beyond their power to do anything. Just another ploy to dumb down the electorate by making a university education out of reach for much of our youth due to distance and cost, so these local Representatives could continue to deceive us and remain in power. Please weigh the facts before voting at all levels!

Kay Ziegahn

Richland Center, WI