February 8, 2024 at 11:45 a.m.

Immigration has slowed

Dear Editor, 

In regard to the recent letter complaining about the so called illegal immigration crisis, I'd like to point out that immigration has actually slowed in recent years. The undocumented population peaked over fifteen years ago in 2007.

The Wisconsin dairy industry would fail without the immigrant workers, some undocumented, willing to do the dirty, dangerous and tiring work which native born Americans are hardly lining up to do.

If all farmers hiring (“aiding and abetting”) undocumented immigrants were arrested and sentenced for treason as the writer advocates, the Wisconsin dairy industry would die for sure.

The Republicans haven't been willing to negotiate on the new immigration bill because they'd rather have a hot button issue to whip up their base into a frenzy of paranoia and fear to get more votes.

This is an old American tradition of using immigrants as scapegoats for our economic anxieties, from the Chinese, Irish, Italians, and now Latinos.


Marie L. Baker

Dodgeville, WI