February 8, 2024 at 11:45 a.m.

Gaza, a graveyard for children

Dear Editor,

“Any war is ultimately a war on children!” These are the words of UNICEF Executive Director, Catherine Russell.  

The tragedy of this statement is obvious in the reports coming from Gaza, where children are being subjected to unimaginable suffering.  The indiscriminate bombing is killing and maiming thousands.  Without electricity and medical supplies, surgeries and amputations were often done by the light of cell phones and without anesthetics. But now, even that minimal life-giving care cannot be done. Most of the hospitals and clinics have been destroyed.  Children are trapped and dying alone under rubble while frantic parents try to dig them out. Thousands of children grieve the loss of parents and family members.  Disease is rampant because of a lack of sanitation and clean water.  In the words of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, “Gaza has become a graveyard for children.”

President Biden defunding of United Nations Works and Relief Agency (UNWRA) is despicable! What if that a group of 10-12 men from Houston attacked, killed, and kidnapped several thousand people is an act of rage, would the President then demand that the entire population of Houston (2.3 million - approximately the same as Gaza) be denied food and water as punishment?  

Remember the children. They are the most vulnerable!

Jane H. Kavaloski

Dodgeville, WI