April 19, 2024 at 10:50 a.m.

Response to "Pray for America"

Dear Editor,

I have written a number of articles responding to Gregory Erickson’s ridiculous assertions that he makes about every other week it seems in the paper. I have never tried to silence him because everybody has a right to their opinion. Last week Erickson claimed that the Democratic Party tries to silence anyone who disagrees with them in their own party (aka Dean Phillips and JFK, Jr.). Phillips was silenced by Democratic voters around the country as witnessed by Biden's 80-90% victory margins in state after state like our own state. Erickson said that the tactics reminded him of “fascism”. If one wants to talk about which party tries to silence its own members I suggest the reader look up what happened to the seven Republican Senators who voted to remove Trump from office in his second Impeachment trial. Fascism? In my opinion I believe someone should write a book about these seven senators and title it "Profiles in Courage"-- wait, a Pulitzer Prize-winning book with that title was written by JFK, Jr's uncle.

Fascism?  Here's the definition of the word and as you read it ask yourself which Presidential candidate most closely fits the description: A political movement that emphasizes far-right nationalism, authoritarianism and forceful suppression of opposition. Fascist regimes are characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, and a strong belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group. Fascists also oppose liberalism, democracy, and individual interests in favor of the nation or race

Erickson goes on to say while Trump gave a foolish speech on January 6th, 2020, a multitude of lies have since been spread about it. I hope Mr. Erickson (I doubt it though) is referring to Republicans in Congress and the FOX news trolls who claimed the event was not an insurrection. Several even went so far as to say it was just another day at the capitol and similar to a picnic. Just google “Republicans refer to January 6th as a picnic. Erickson then tries to blame Pelosi for being slow to ask for the National Guard. What was Trump doing this time Eric? He was watching the riot on TV and, according to his own aides in the room with him, he refused  to text his supporters and tell them to stop the violence.

Erickson goes on to claim JFK, Jr. is being treated horribly by the Democratic Party. Kennedy's own family has disavowed him because of his anti-vaccine positions and numerous conspiracy theories. Guess who Kennedy's top donor ($20 million) is? Hint, he is also Trump's top donor to the tune of $16 million.. Billionaire Timothy Mellon.

Truth defender

Tom Osting, Platteville, WI