April 19, 2024 at 10:55 a.m.

In response to Michael Britt’s letter

Dear Editor,

My letter is in response to Michael Britt's letter on April 4. 

My goodness, after reading your letter one would think that Mr. Trump is the devil himself! But as usual for the left they spout of accusations but there were no FACTS in the letter.

I would like to sit with one rational Biden supporter and have them tell me how their life is better with this president in office. He and his  "Border Tsar" have made a mess out of the border. Prices at the grocery stores have greatly increased and gas prices aren't going anywhere but up. It is obvious that he is in mental decline yet they keep ignoring his fumbles. 

Also, when Trump has documents he is charged, but when Biden has classified documents he is given a pass. This is how the Democrats  work! 

Now Mr. Trump is not perfect and I do not agree with everything he says but I do believe he is FOR OUR country and truly want to help the American people. 

If we don't wake up as a country this fall and get this man and his party out we will be looking at a different America. So please, Get the real FACTS and don't buy everything the media says! 

Also, thank you to Mr. Erickson for his well thought out letters and for fighting for our country. 

Thank you also to Mr. Hardyman for supporting the unborn. I can't believe we live in a country where mothers think it is OK to kill their own children - and fathers support this! Crazy! Just Crazy! 

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Wiesbrook

Mineral Point, WI