September 29, 2023 at 9:55 a.m.

Our card of thanks

by Kenyon Bennett

One of the advertising opportunitys we offer is a chance for someone to thank someone or some groups for going above and beyond when helping, offering sympathy, etc.  It is known as a Card of Thanks.

This week we are issuing our own Card of Thanks.

-To our advertisers who support the paper by using our space to tell their story of their business.  They let us know what they are selling, or of their accomplishments, or of any changes that may be taking place.  Their support is part of what keeps us in business.  

The businesses also support the local causes which is something not available from corporate America.  They deserve your support.

-To our subscribers who buy the paper each week and are those who let us know how we are doing.  We provide something that social media does not which is news featuring the truth about our area.

So Thank You for keeping us important to you and in business.

Do we have challenges?

Of course with rising postal costs, press costs and paper costs the biggest.  Be assured we are doing our best to address those issues.

We also want to thank our staff for their dedication in covering your meetings, your events and your sports.  We all care about where we live and about you.

So that is our Card of Thanks.