September 18, 2023 at 11:15 a.m.

And The Children Shall Lead

In a Star Trek Original Series episode of the same name, children are seduced and brainwashed by a malevolent spirit, Gorgan, to achieve his evil aim.  He gets his power from their faith in him.  He gets them to use his power of fear against their parents into killing themselves.  

Across the country the state is coming between parents and children in group exercises like separating oppressors and the oppressed along racial lines and asking kindergartners what their sexual identity is.  It is happening in Cottage Grove and elsewhere. Teachers tell children things like "We are learning from you." Gorgan told his followers, "You shall be my generals."  The emphasis is on acting as a group.  Individual character and responsibility and accountability are abandoned in favor of group identity and group think.  Who leads the children in group think?  The teacher, of course.  Whatever happened to MLK and content of character?  Gone!  The only things children should be learning are reading, writing, arithmetic, and good character.  

Scott Smith was charged with obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct for demanding answers at a school board meeting over the rape of his daughter in a school bathroom by a boy claiming to be trans.  The administrator lied to him.  He was later fired, thankfully.  The charges against Smith stayed until the Virginia governor just pardoned him.  It is total injustice the charges weren't dropped.    

The state in effect is saying to us "we control you" and "nothing to see here".  When our 13 young soldiers and 165 Afghan friends were blown apart by just 1 suicide bomber at Kabul Biden proclaimed the operation a resounding success.  We had intel where ISIS was staying and planning but the military was denied a raid.  Those deaths were 100% preventable! No accountability for anyone though.  

Like Gorgan, the state is using fear to keep us silent and it is virtually unaccountable. FBI whistleblowers have come forward about corrupt abuse of power and scare tactics some FBI agents have used against citizens exercising their guaranteed Constitution rights.  The question is will you allow fear to control you and not stand up for your rights and your children's rights?  

Gregory Erickson

Constitution Defender

Dodgeville, WI