September 8, 2023 at 11:10 a.m.

Reckless homicide case receives updates

JoAnnna M. Ford, Mineral Point, appeared by video Thursday for a status conference in her first degree reckless homicide case involving the death of an infant.

The court was informed that expert reports have been exchanged but another motion hearing date may be needed due to the unavailability of one expert witness.

The court also learned that Daubert and Change of Venue motions are likely to be filed. A Daubert motion allows the court to assess the reliability and relevance of expert witness testimony before it is presented to a jury.

The Daubert case introduced a more comprehensive approach that requires judges to scrutinize not only the expert's methodology but also the underlying scientific principles. This shift aimed is to curtail the admission of pseudoscientific or unreliable expert testimony. Judges are required to assess the methodology and reasoning behind an expert's opinions, rather than simply relying on the expert's credentials or reputation.

Ford will appear for a motion hearing at 9 a.m. October 20.

A jury trial for Ford has been set for February 12, 2024 with 10 days set aside for testimony.

Ford is charged with one count of first degree reckless homicide and five counts of child neglect with one count noting a death was caused.

She also faces two counts of retail theft which were joined with the homicide/neglect charges.