September 8, 2023 at 11:25 a.m.

Critical Thinking on Ukraine

Dear Editor,

I get info from many sources and fact check.   I used to enjoy Tucker Carlson and I'm still a lukewarm fan because he opines on interesting topics.  I questioned his journalism on some things before but he lost me on his Ukraine coverage.  

Carlson uses Douglas MacGregor as his military expert on Ukraine.  According to Carlson and MacGregor Ukraine has no chance.  Imo Ukraine has a chance.   Listen to Ryan McBeth and Conor Clyne on Youtube fact check MacGregor.  In 30 minute videos both men do a superb job of showing MacGregor to be totally untrustworthy, even lying.  

MacGregor is out of touch with modern weapons and has been wrong on every prediction he made on Ukraine.  Just one example, he told Carlson a Mexican drug cartel member was photographed with a US Javelin missile as evidence Ukraine is selling US weapons on the black market.  Wrong.  The photo is of a US made AT-4 anti-armor missile available in the Mexican Army.  I trained on the AT-4 and recognized it.  It is also a dummy training round as noted by the yellow band around the tube.  

Like a fish that rots from the head down, Russia rots from Putin's corruption in every segment of society. Putin runs Russia like a Mafia boss.  At least hundreds of thousands of Russians have left Russia because of lack of opportunity.  Putin is clueless how to run an economy and the best and brightest Russians hate the endless corruption and the war.     

Russians have low morale to fight in Ukraine.  Ukrainians are like cousins, even brothers.  Russia has conscripted prisoners to fight and has no superb NCO core like the US Army does.  The military is corrupt too.

Their vehicles have rotted tires and soldiers sell gas to get money.  When Ukrainians overthrew his corrupt Ukrainian puppet, Yanokovich, Putin knew he could be next. If Russia was so dominant it would have won already, but the war is largely a stalemate.

Putin is a murdering bully.  The only way to stop a bully is with force.  Biden gave Putin a green light to invade when he said a "minor incursion" wouldn't merit a strong response.  Incredible!  I have little doubt Biden's incompetence and weakness are the reasons Putin invaded Ukraine.  Now hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost!  A much bigger bully China is watching what happens in Ukraine so we should continue to support Ukraine but send a military accounting team there to check for corruption.  

Gregory Erickson

Dodgeville, WI