November 10, 2023 at 10:15 a.m.

What did we ever do to you, Louis

by J. Patrick Reilly

Hey Louis DeJoy, what did I ever do to you?

Louis DeJoy, for you wanting a civics lesson is the Postmaster General and for some reason he does not want to help newspapers.  In many ways it seems like he is punishing us and as far as I am concerned it is for no good reason.

DeJoy is imposing a 7.3% Increase in rates for “within county” mailing for newspapers with the new rate scheduled to take place in January.  By comparison the USPS is only proposing a 1.9% rate increase for other types of direct advertising mail and for first class mail.

We are already saving the post office money with the tasks we have had to take on.  We do our own presorting and transporting to the post office and we provide all the “paperwork” on line.  There use to be a small discount for the savings we have generated but now the USPS is simply raising the basic rate so it can show a more acceptable discount.

Since the founding of our country community newspapers have relied on the USPS for distribution to our subscribers.  Perhaps that was when the first postmaster general was Benjamin Franklin, a newspaper publisher.

Under DeJoy’s leadership the USPS has been chasing the package and parcel business.  This is under DeJoy’s “Delivering for America” plan that allows for twice yearly postage increases to raise rates to the fullest extent allowed above inflation.

In short we need the post office to get you your paper each week.  We are not always happy with their delivery and our out of area customers suffer from this sometimes but we have no other real option.

In short we feel DeJoy has to stop picking winners and losers when it comes to setting rates and it is time to put a halt to his punitive measures with newspapers.

When the US congressmen and senators come after your vote this next election let them know you agree and tell them you want newspapers to be treated fairly.