November 3, 2023 at 12:00 p.m.

Concerned about DHS football players getting hurt

Dear Editor,

My classmate, Joe Miess (DHS class of 1956) gives me the weekly Chronicle as a gift. What a great gift!! I look forward to reading each week’s edition.

I have been following the Dodgeville Football Team. I love football. I always wanted to play football. I got hurt playing football my freshman year. It was a good warning to me. I was too small and too slow with very little talent.

I am concerned about the size and numbers of this year’s football team. I was surprized they were so small in size compared to the other high school football teams. I am not surprized by all the injuries.

Not long ago in the Seattle Times there was an article about a coach who coached his son in high school. He did not want his own son to play. He said it was too dangerous. He was small by comparison to the huge talented players from the larger private Roman Catholic schools in the conference. He was so concerned he resigned as coach due to the talent and the danger of getting hurt.

I love football, but I am concerned about the injuries. Is it possible for the parents, the athletic board, the school board, the community to seek and find a way so the small in size Dodgeville High School Football players can play schools with kids about the same size?

Bill Perkins

Class of 1956

Redmond, Washington