June 23, 2023 at 2:20 p.m.
Updated June 23, 2023 at 2:20 p.m.

Dodgeville school board moves to committee of the whole starting in August

A final discussion by the Dodgeville school board took place Monday on the “committee of the whole” concept moving forward.

The first Wednesday after the first Monday of the month with a 5:15 start time was proposed with the idea that any committee could be separated if a special meeting is needed.

The format would  begin in August.

The board consented to move ahead with the concept.

A long list of acknowledgments were read at the meeting.  They included:

-American Legion donation for Badger State.

-Hidden Valley Church donation to pay off delinquent student food balances.

-Kira Runde for her social media work in getting all the information out for the end of the school year.

-Bryan Brom for setting up summer school and Dodger Care (72 students taking part).

-Maintenance and custodial crew for stepping up after director left.

-Paul Weber and Jackie Goetzke for work on training opportunities and their leadership and guidance.

-Erin Spadafor for her positive work in improving the special  education program.

-Administrative assistant Justine Ley for the training help she has provided.

-Staff for working around the construction at the elementary school.

-Student board rep Kelsey Hardy for her term as student rep and for her work and honors in the FFA.

-Baseball coach Pat Reilly and Soccer coach Cristian Flores who were named Coach of the Year in their respective sports.

During committee reports the board heard the budget is tight at the moment with the ongoing projects but things are moving forward on a positive note.

It was also noted $14,000 insurance increase is being instituted  because of the increased construction and improvements.

Joey Martin, Activities Director and Dean of Students gave a report.

He said the conference cross country meet will be held here as will the  WIAA Sectional volleyball finals for Division 3.

He also acknowledged the honors won by Kelsey Hardy in her work with the FFA program.  She was second place in the state in the veterinary program and won a state Greenhand award.

Several resignations were accepted and new hires were approved.

Resignations were approved for Trevor Dubey (special ed), Jay Moelling (hs tech ed), Roy March (custodian) and Devin Lee (DES Kindergarten).

Contracts were offered to Kate Hartfelder (food service), Mallory McGuire (DMS special ed), Bethany Payne (DES special ed), Hanna Miller (DES Art), Tristin Robbins (HS/MS computer science) and James Schultz (Tech Ed).

The board also accepted a retirement request from District Administrator Paul Weber who will be leaving the position June 30, 2024.  He wanted the board to have ample time to find a replacement and determine the direction they want to take.

Property and Casualty insurance was approved and will be looked at to put out for bids next year, noting the increase mentioned earlier.

The board received the AGR report which stands for Achievement Gap Reduction and allows for grant funding to districts.  A report is sent to the State to help with setting goals.  The report is required if a district receives funding.

It was noted that funds may be used for coaching in classrooms if needed.

The board received two documents to update them about academic standards and educational options. The board reviewed the documents and approved them.

Lunch and breakfast prices will remain the same for the next school year.

“We have been running in the black so there is no reason to increase anything,” said Weber.

The board voted to leave the prices as they are.

A long list of policies were approved.

A 16 year old student from Norway who will live with the Bradley family was approved.

More students are expected as host families are determined.

The board approved a trip for the FFA to the  Kalahari in Wisconin Dells in July which will be an overnight.

The board voted to continue membership with the WIAA.