June 16, 2023 at 11:35 a.m.
Updated June 16, 2023 at 11:35 a.m.

Iowa-Grant will look for new boys basketball coach

Iowa-Grant boys basketball will need a new coach next season when the board accepted a resignation request from Nolan Krentz to be relieved of his duties.

Besides the request from Krentz the board also approved resignations from fifth grade teacher Jessica Sigg and Special Ed Aide Gayle Thompson.

Maintenance Report

District Maintenance Director Mike Oium gave the board progress update on summer projects.  The hallway at IGEMS is scheduled for flooring work with the area prepared in July for August installation.

Flag pole work at the football field is scheduled to be done in house and if this is not possible the work will be farmed out.

A new lift will be put into use soon and should be a help, Oium said.

Painting work was also discussed.

Other projects include work at the high school which will see four new doors, electric work for scoreboards and looking at purchasing used football field lights from Dodgeville.

Budget Update

Business manager Loras Winders updated the board on the budget which is a work in progress with the state budget in flux.  During discussion it was pointed out that meal prices need to be raised as do milk prices.  The board discussed subsidized meals and how to help those unable to afford the meals and milk.  District Administrator Michael Shimshak said money could come from Fund 10 but that would impact funding for other projects.


Administrative reports were given with the information provided mostly dealing with ending the school year.  Graduations, etc were all successes.

A report from the trap team noted that Iowa-Grant had the second place female finisher in the conference and the team shot well at state.  Top finishers were 126 and 230 out of 410 shooters.  How the program is funded was discussed as well as instituting a letter award which is done by other area school districts.

Van Purchase

The board reviewed bids for a 10 passenger van and learned they need to approve something soon to get on a list so one can be provided.  The board approved a bid from Fillback for $51,790.50.


The board held an extensive discussion concerning policies and handbooks.

Head lice as a policy that was the subject of a first reading with a second reading and approval scheduled for July so it can be in effect for the new school year.  What the board approved as first reading is in line with the Nurses Association and their guidelines.

What keeps an athlete eligible for practice and competition when it comes to missing school, tardies, illness and grades were all reviewed by Principal Chris Gotto who took each one step by step and offered explanations with different scenarios.  He said there is an administrative review of conditions involving each possibility which helps with resolution.

When it came to eligibility he said students who do not turn in their work do not understand the seriousness of a zero.

“If you get 100 on one test or project and zero on another that averages out to be 50 which is an F,” Gotto pointed out.  “If you turn in a 100 and a 50 it is still a C.  Kids just don’t understand it.”

The board also got into a discussion about cell phones and how they are monitored in the classroom.  It appeared that while there is an attempt to monitor usage it is difficult.

“If a student tells staff member they do not have a phone  they are reluctant to go any further with it and are not wanting to do a pat down to check.  There are a lot of holes connected with it.”


-Community First Bank donated sub sandwiches for Teacher Appreciation Week and $428.05 from the School Spirit Debit Card Program

-Royal Bank donated popcorn for Teacher Appreciation Week

-Clare Bank donated $5000 for a  scoreboard at IGEMS

-Collision Specialists donated use of a van for State Track and Field

-St. Thomas Council of Church Women donated $2000 for Panther Packs

-IG Booster Club donation for a lift app for $1500

-Southern Heat Volleyball donated $400 for net improvements at IGEMS

-Linden American Legion donated $200 for the band for Memorial Day performances

-PTC for a caffeine bar for staff

-IG Education Association donated $75 for Panther Packs and $75 for Helping Hands