January 20, 2023 at 12:38 p.m.

Changes can work well

The face of business started to change when technology allowed accessing your work from just about any location with Wifi and then it changed again with the pandemic.
What has happened is more people are working from home, especially those who are not in a service business requiring face to face contact.
In our business we allow off site workers to "do their thing" at their home or any location they choose. In some instances it is to save space in-house, in others it is a convenience factor when the employee has a distance to drive and there is also the fact that you can have a very good employee who will stay with you if you allow work from home.
What it all comes down to is trust. In our case we trust our off site workers. How do we know we can do this?
By their work and their timeliness in getting their work to us.
Trust is a good thing and so far we have not been disappointed.
We are glad this type of managing our business is working and hope it will for a long time.