February 10, 2023 at 11:55 a.m.

We need to vote

Dear Editor,
Here in Wisconsin we need to make our voices heard by voting in the February 21 and April 4 elections. In the primary, we make our choice among four state supreme court justice candidates. Wisconsin Public TV is broadcasting an interview of each, and other information can be found at MyVote.WI.gov. We need a fair, experienced, impartial, intelligent judge who is not afraid to make known his/her values and morals. Judges must follow the Constitutions of the United States and Wisconsin, and established law. It is important that they also realize there have been many changes since the days of our founders. At that time, a black person was not counted as a full citizen and could not vote. Neither could women vote. The many Amendments to the Constitution made significant changes to the original document.
Although we don't know what issues will come before the state supreme court, the fair drawing of legislative districts to not allow gerrymandering for political purposes may be one issue. That can determine whether or not each vote will count equally.
Another issue may be reproductive rights. I do not think an eleven year old child ought to be forced to bear the child of an uncle who raped her. Nor should a woman whose life would be in danger if she carried her child to term be forced to do so. A spontaneous abortion should not be cause for punishment of the mother or her doctor. It ought not to be in a legislator's domain to make reproductive decisions for women.
The cases which come before the State Supreme Court affect real people, and we need a judge who will understand that.
Barbara Meyer
Town of Wiota
Lafayette County