December 18, 2023 at 2:20 p.m.

Along The Ad Routes

by Mike Reilly

We received a couple of notes with subscription renewals this week, both from out of state. The first was from Sherill Pecor (Proctor) from DeKalb, Illinois. She said, “Please renew our subscriptions for another year (mother’s and hers). There is nothing like a good ol’ hometown newspaper. We truly enjoy reading it. A print newspaper is so much better than an online version. Happy Holidays and thank you. P.S. Thanks for the extra four weeks by me renewing early!”

The second came from Phillip Kramer of Missouri City, Texas. He said, “Dear Pat & Mike: Enclosed is a check to renew my subscription for another year. I have been receiving the Chronicle since 1964, while living in Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Missouri and Texas. Always good to hear about the weekly news in Southwest Wisconsin and especially Iowa County. Enjoy the Chronicle Viewpoint with Opinions, Your Opinion, and Along the Ad Routes. It makes a person think about the various issues affecting the county. Didn’t realize there are so many good restaurants in the area which Mike and his friends visit on Saturday morning. I still am a Packers and Badgers fan. They are my favorite. Also follow the Houston Texans, Astros and Rockets.”


We had quite the crowd for Saturday morning breakfast when we went north to 400 Springs at the House on the Rock Golf Course. We took Tom’s 7 passenger vehicle and had Bob, Terry, Tom, me and two “newbies” in John Swanson and Jeff “Potsie” Weber in it. Dewey met us there since he lives in Spring Green and Dave made the trip from Klevenville. We had some great conversation with our “newbies” doing a lot of the talking with some history on their jobs and lives! We wanted to make it to 400 Springs in December since they close from New Years until the motel opens back up in mid-March. It was Potsie’s first time there. He really was impressed with everything, especially the fact that one of the “bosses” Dawn came to our table to greet us and talk for a while! Oh, and he also loved the homemade French Toast and the House Sausage! Several of us had French toast and two had omelettes plus some Farmers Breakfasts with eggs, hash browns and meat.


After getting back from Spring Green I made a stop at the Iowa County Historical Society’s Bake Sale fundraiser. It began at 8:00 a.m. and they said they had people standing outside the door waiting. Things were picked over pretty good by the time I began buying, but I got some very good things! Dewey had driven from Spring Green to get some and they said he bought quite a bit! In fact he followed us back! I just missed him.


Another stop I made on Saturday was in Ridgeway for their “Holiday Light Parade”. It was pretty cold and windy by 5:30 or so when they started it, but it was a nice event with a lot of people on the sidewalks! Santa then made his appearance inside at “Brewskee’s On the Ridge” where it was a lot warmer. Kids were lined up to see him, even outside!


The Dodgeville Chamber of Commerce will be open again this Saturday to wrap gifts for anyone from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Five-Point 4-H and Red Barn 4-H will be there to assist. Any tips are appreciated! They were open last Saturday too - great service to the community!


For my “special day” this week, I’m jumping to Monday, December 17 when it is “National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day”! For some reason chocolate has always been my downfall when it comes to candy! Now, I may not go as far as the photo above!