December 1, 2023 at 11:15 a.m.

Stolen packages

Dear Editor,

Before Covid, I was mainly a “brick and mortar” shopper. But since then, more shopping is done online.

We see on the news that thefts are being committed:  in-store (smash and grab it’s being called), directly from the delivery truck (on the news last night), and from wherever your package has been delivered.

Packages are “delivered” to a wide variety of locations – at your house, at the base of your USPS mailbox, tied to a limb in a tree, at the base of a group of fire id numbers (the very most unlikely place I’d ever look) just to name a few. And I’m certain that, most likely, you can add some very unique ones to the list.

It is extremely helpful when the merchant notifies me that a package has been delivered and in some cases, even identifying its exact location. Then I’m able to retrieve it (hopefully in a timely manner).

My “burning question” is:  Who is responsible for replacement (if at all possible) for a stolen package?

If anyone has the answer, please let us all know. Thank you!

Eileen Z. Fitzsimons

Dodgeville, WI