August 25, 2023 at 9:45 a.m.

Patriot Rage

Dear Editor,

Oliver Anthony in Rich Men North of Richmond deeply touches America's troubled soul about the state of our government like no one else has since Bob Dylan.  He sings about out of touch leaders whose hubris is so great "they want to have total control" over our lives. Anthony nails spot on America's anger that DC is serving itself, not us. The only people critical of the song are on the left.  Isn't that special?  

General Mark Milley was asked in a hearing why he didn't offer his resignation when Biden ordered the reckless hasty Afghanistan withdrawal.  He said it would be "seen as political".  He proved he is part of the DC swamp with this answer and many more. No matter what he did it could be seen as political.  He failed to do the right thing and stand up for his training, the lives of our soldiers, and his advice to Biden when he obeyed so Biden could get his self-serving photo op for the 20th anniversary of the Afghanistan invasion.  Everything was wrong about the withdrawal!   

Perhaps the most important vote in American history is going on right now with no ballots.  It is our young men and women voting with their LIVES in deciding not to serve in the military. This is a monumental threat to our nation.  Shouldn't it be a huge factor in who we vote for?  Only 1 party is threatening your Constitutional rights.  Trump is a lot of things but he wasn't incompetent, he is no threat to the Constitution, and he never betrayed our men and women in uniform.    

A patriot rage has been sparked by Biden and DC Democrats. All Americans hate corruption, hypocrisy, lying about major things, and getting our soldiers blown apart for a photo op.  Biden is guilty of all of them. Going after Trump for the same things Democrats have done is political persecution and blinding hypocrisy. How about that Inflation Reduction Act?  It is a monstrous lie that lined Wall Street pockets instead of Main St. USA. The DC swamp must be drained to save our country.  

Gregory Erickson

Constitution Defender

Dodgeville, WI