August 11, 2023 at 1:30 p.m.

You Heard It Here

Dear Editor,

Thank you Steve Pieroni for the reply so I know I am not writing in an echo chamber.  You put words in my mouth.  That’s deceitful.  I don’t “let Trump off the hook”. My only mention of Trump was about his treatment, other conservatives too, as an example of unequal justice.  If you think 2 impeachments and dozens of felony charges now facing Trump and 0 charges against Hillary Clinton and other Dems is equal justice you don’t understand what equal justice is.

“Loopy”, the word you called my thinking, means crazy right?  My position is based on verified empirical facts.  My letter referenced the Biden family corruption story the NY Post published before the election and Twitter and Facebook suppressed (a blatant 1st Amendment violation). Former Twitter executives admitted before Congress it was a valid story that was wrongfully suppressed.  Trump was impeached the 1st time for asking President Zelenskyy to investigate the Bidens. The Dems screamed Trump was going after his opponent. Now the shoe is on the other foot and Dems are mind-numbingly guilty of flaming hypocrisy.  Trump was right to ask.  The Hunter Biden laptop has been verified by the FBI. Also through FOIA and IRS whistleblower testimony in Congress, the financial structure of the many millions the Bidens got from foreign countries is becoming known.  Is Biden weak on China because of the millions he got from them?  Are the IRS and FBI loopy too Steve?

The Bidens, Joe, his brother, and Hunter are involved in a corrupt influence peddling scheme Navy Lt. Bobulinski alleged in the NY Post story that would have won Trump the election if it wasn’t suppressed.  All of us despise corruption right Steve?  Biden’s corruption makes Watergate look like child's play. Top Democrats know Biden is in trouble and will throw Biden under the bus. I predict he will be replaced by Gavin Newsom as the 2024 presidential nominee. Newsom is already being financed and groomed.

As I said in my previous letter, the 1st Amendment is a red line. Without freedom of speech there is no civil society and fascism is the inevitable result. The lack of free speech and equal justice have been grounds for just rebellions and revolutions throughout history. Let us hope we have the fortitude and wisdom to restore these sacrosanct parts of our society.

Gregory Erickson

Constitution Defender

Dodgeville, WI