August 11, 2023 at 1:25 p.m.

Of the people...

Dear Editor,

Last night (August 1) I attended the Dodgeville Town Board meeting and saw real representative government in action.

How refreshing it was to see approximately 50 people attend, and many stand up respectfully, thoughtfully and logically speak in opposition to industrial wind turbines. Citizens who chose to speak were prepared with facts and with personal experience stories. Information was distributed that showed there are steps that can legally be taken to fight.  And, it appeared that the supervisors listened.

No action was taken last night, but it was impressive how knowledgeable the citizens of the area are. Industrial scale wind turbines are not the solution to “green” energy.

We must oppose the imposition of a political agenda on the Driftless Area before we lose it forever.

Jane Batha

Mineral Point, WI