August 8, 2023 at 10:15 a.m.


Dear Editor,

Nothing cuts deeper than betrayal.  The scene at Kabul airport was total chaos after Biden ordered a hasty exit to keep his self-imposed date.  Corners were cut and there was no security perimeter to protect our troops.  Just 1 suicide bomber murdered over 100 Afghans and 13 of our soldiers.  General Milley chose a political side in obeying Biden's order instead of choosing military doctrine and putting the lives of our soldiers first.  Biden made his betrayal worse by looking at his watch multiple times as our soldiers bodies were being offloaded. The families saw and none felt respected or honored.  

The only person with honor in the Afghan withdrawal is Marine Lt. Colonel Stewart Schilling who gave up 2 million in pension, needing only 2 more years of service to retire. He simply asked for accountability.  Now, the Army is facing the greatest recruiting shortfall in its history of about 3 divisions.  Young Americans are listening to facts and their fathers/relatives and don't want to serve dishonor, incompetence, and betrayal.  

There is a corrupt segment of D.C. that is a morally bankrupt and unprincipled swamp that is serving only itself and Democrat Party interests at the expense of the Constitution and people.  Only with renewal and reform and lessening DC's power can we get back to the Constitutional principles that made America great.  Congressional term limits are needed.  I suggest 18 years, 3 terms for Senator, 9 for Representative. has good suggestions.  Generals who don't put our soldiers first need to be fired.  

Wokeism is Marxist and divisive and hateful and results in a race to the bottom for everyone and destruction of our republic. There are only 2 sexes and infinite personalities.  The only definition of racism is "you are not my equal".  People who can't define woman or racism have no place in the public sphere. No one can prove there is systemic racism in America today.  Science wasn't followed in our Covid response.   

We have no country without a controlled border.  Facts and character matter.  Let's make common sense common again and Orwell fiction again.  

Gregory Erickson

Former Army Infantryman

Dodgeville, WI