August 8, 2023 at 10:10 a.m.

Dodgeville City Council approves contracts

By Levi Zimmerman

The Common Council for the City of Dodgeville held a regular meeting Tuesday night.

In addition to approving minutes from the July 18 meeting, the following claims were also approved:

General - $348,652.48

Sewer - $12,480.74

Water - $29,618.13

Total - $390,751.35

In new business, the Council approved a request from the Chamber of Commerce for financial support for holiday lighting in the City.

The Council went on to approve a request from the Dodgeville Police Department to fill a department vacancy.

New Chief of Police Shannon Jasica said the resignation didn't come out of nowhere, as Mayor Todd Novak agreed.

The name of the officer wasn't released as of Tuesday.

Chief Jasica said her department will look to promote from within.

The Council approved two contracts Tuesday, including a 2023-24 contract with the Ice Wolves Youth Hockey Association.

Public Works Director Greg Lee said the only change in the new contract is the addition of Kyle Levetzow as the Vice President.

The second contract approved was the 2023 Mustang Youth Football contract with the notable change that the new contract does not include seventh or eighth grade tackle football, as seventh and eighth grade football will now be run by the Dodgeville School District.

Lee said Mustang Youth Football will only be doing flag football, so there wouldn't be a need for the shed on City property, so the Council approved the new contract and approved disposing of the shed.

The Council went on to discuss the approval of disposing of the large rock at Metcalf Park.

Lee said a resident, Ruth Metcalf, requested to take ownership of the rock and doesn't agree with the history of the rock.

After some discussion, the Council approved a motion to allow Metcalf to have the rock and move the rock, at her expense.