August 8, 2023 at 10:10 a.m.

Barneveld School Board raises borrowing limit, approves branding guide

By Levi Zimmerman

The Barneveld School Board held a regular meeting last Tuesday.

During reports, Principal Heather Schmitz reported the district is nearing the end of registration for the 2023-24 school year.

She said almost everything is done online, and it's been "very successful."

Schmitz also said she has been working on planning for professional development day.

In her report, Superintendent Robyn Oberfoell thanked former Principal Erin Eslinger for working a full month that she wasn't required to work in order to help with the transition.

Other recognitions included Becky Hurlbert, Office Secretary, "for sharing her welcoming smile with students, staff and families every day."

Macy Phelan, a paraprofessional, was also recognized. 

"Paraprofessionals are extraordinary people.  They support every part of our school system, including instructional support for students, supervision support for activities, recesses, and lunch periods, and numerous support services for our teachers and school system. Thank you to Macy Phelan for her service to the Barneveld students, families and staff."

Lastly, the Board recognized Nancy Schave.

"Nancy Schave has served the Barneveld School District since 2004. Throughout her 19 years, she has supported students with kindness, compassion and motivation. Nancy will certainly be missed by her students and colleagues.  Best wishes to Nancy and thank you from the School District and School Board Members."

The Board accepted several donations, including $7,750 for live streaming and $8,300 for a new softball scoreboard.

The Board approved a motion to raise the District's borrowing limit to $1.5 million. 

According to the business office's estimated cash flow, the District will need to have access to the funds in late August or early September.

The Board approved a branding guide concerning standard use of Barneveld logos and graphics.

Last summer, Barneveld School District partnered with Shannon Wood and Studio M Designs to develop a branding guide for the District.

This graphic standards brand guide provides detailed instructions concerning the reproduction and proper use of the Barneveld School District graphic mark and logo, and all other brand identity-related assets. It outlines mandatory colors, typography and other essential design elements. By applying the standards set forth in the guide, the Board of Education and Administration can achieve a strong and consistent visual identity for the Barneveld School District.

After approving academic standards for the upcoming school year, the Board approved the 2023-24 academic and career plan.

"Students begin this process in elementary school as they examine personality traits, jobs within the community and careers around the world. As students enter middle school they begin further study while using the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's internet-based resource, Xello. Academic and career planning intensifies in high school through course selection and continued exploration and planning. Barneveld School District's academic and career plan is a living document. Our world around us is continuously changing.  Input from teachers, students, parents and community plays an important role in our academic and career plan.  In order to support Barneveld students' overall success in life after high school, we will need to adjust as does our ever changing world. PI-26 is the legislation that requires Academic and Career Planning to take place in all public schools in the State of Wisconsin. Each school district must provide evidence of their implementation of PI-26," the District stated.

The Board went on to approve the fee schedule as presented for ECCP, SNC, AP and CAPP courses, keeping the fee schedule as is.

The Board also approved athletic and co-curricular assignments, including the addition of an assistant forensics coach after 24 "entries."

Handbooks were approved for the elementary and middle and high school.

In addition, a middle and high school grading handbook and a coaching handbook was also approved.