September 23, 2022 at 2:28 p.m.

A look at election time

By J. Patrick

Election time is starting to heat up and if you do not believe that, just look at the Letters to the Editor we print each week.
We try to give equal time to the candidates and often run their bios and questions and answers in our newspaper. The letters, though, are a different story.
You can bet the candidate running against the incumbent will have more letters sent to us. It seems after an incumbent serves a term or two people take a look at their lives and ask are things better? If the answer is no then someone arrives to take on the incumbent.
It is good to have a choice and we support the political system that gives us a choice.
As we move forward we may not be able to run every letter we receive but we will run a sampling that covers the same thing. Then, two issues prior to the election, we stop running endorsement letters unless they are paid.
So good luck to all those running. And for those who will be voting, take some time to know the candidates and the issues they are passionate about.
As a veteran I take the right to vote very seriously. To stay on my good side, exercise that right.