October 27, 2022 at 11:26 a.m.

Times have changed

By J. Patrick Reilly-preilly@thedodgevillechronicle.com

A simple wave.
I know I have been around for awhile and things have changed over the years. I accept that.
But I have a question.
When I drive past people on walks or people outside their houses or people on the street I have a wave reflex.
That's right. I wave.
And at times I even go so far as to say "Hi" when I walk past someone on the street.
It used to be that I would get a return wave or a "Hi" back. But those days seem to be over.
I rarely get a return wave or a "Hi." More often then naught the person I waved at will stare then look away The person I say "Hi" to will look straight ahead like I am not even there.
I now there are crazies out there who want to do harm or worse. I know there are people who hurt others after they gain trust.
But I am not one of them.
If someone waves at me I return it. If someone says "Hi" I respond back.
I look at it as being nice. I look at it as being polite. I look at it as being me.
I hope someday we can get back to feelings of trust and caring about others. I hope someday the gun violence will stop along with the illegal drug use, the domestic abuse calls and the disorderly conduct.
I just hope we can get back to being nice.