February 24, 2022 at 11:57 a.m.

Editorial by Kenyon Bennett

I've been watching the truckers blocking strategic bridges, critical locations for supply routes joining Canada and the U.S.
Truckers were protesting Canada's COVID-19 vaccine mandates for them. At this point in time, no dangerous violence had erupted. Greatly amused and guessing in my mind what the final outcome could be, I've watched television newscasters and online journalists report and show truckers using their large semis to plug highways and bridges and honking their horns to show unity or annoy authorities. Are the protests impacting life there and here? Sure, I know the supply chain is plugged.
What's my take on the trucker situation? I won't answer that.
I do want to learn more from reputable epidemiologists and researchers what the latest studies on vaccines indicate. Different vaccines have different variables and impacts. If vaccines negatively impact the younger generations, then a red warning flag waves in my mind's eye.